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We mainly produce integrated attendance and access control devices with facial, fingerprint, palm ,card and password recognition. Locks, and other access control spare parts like power supply, exit button, doorbell and so on.
  • Fingerprint Access Control

    Fingerprint access control machine         Fingerprint access control systems provide superior security compared to traditional key-based or card-based systems. Unlike keys or cards that can be lost, stolen, or copied, fingerprints are unique to each individual and nearly impossible to replicate. This ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access, effectively preventing unauthorized entry.

  • Facial Access Control

    Facial and fingerprint access control machine         Facial recognition access control systems provide a highly secure, touchless, and efficient way to manage access to various premises. Their advanced technology ensures accurate identification while offering convenience and adaptability. With their rapid response times and integration capabilities, facial recognition access control systems are ideal for organizations seeking robust security solutions to safeguard their facilities and streamline access management processes.

  • RFID Access Control

    RFID access control card reader         Card access control readers provide an efficient, flexible, and secure solution for controlling access to various premises. With their compatibility with different card technologies and scalability options, they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations of all sizes. By deploying card access control readers, businesses and institutions can enhance security, streamline access management processes, and maintain a comprehensive record of access events.

  • Locks

    All kinds of lock in access control system       Locks play a vital role in access control systems by enforcing secure and controlled entry to premises. They provide a physical barrier that, when combined with electronic authentication and monitoring, ensures that only authorized individuals can access restricted areas. With their ability to enhance security, provide flexible access permissions, and maintain an audit trail, locks significantly contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of access control systems.

  • Spare parts

      The access control spare parts         Access control accessories, including power supplies, exit buttons, doorbells, and electric strikes, serve essential functions in access control systems. By seamlessly integrating these components, the system ensures continuous power supply, convenient exit options, communication capabilities, and reliable door locking mechanisms. The combination of these accessories enhances security, streamlines operations, and contributes to the overall effectiveness of access control systems in safeguarding premises and controlling access to authorized personnel.

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Company Profile
Shenzhen ZD Security Technology Co.,LTD was officially founded on February,2005. We committed to sale biometric products. In order to meet the market trend, we successfully transitioned in February 2013, and we have been fully engaged in biometric identification production and sales. Relying on Shenzhen and Dongguan was called “world factory” as the manufacturing base, especially known for electronic products, we have 17 factories and signed a long-term cooperation, and to provide you with the best quality products and after-sales service. Now we are committed to providing safe, high-quality and customized biometric access control products and RFID products.   
More About
  • Advanced Equipment
    Advanced Equipment

    We have injection molding machines and surface mount machines.

  • Professional team
    Professional team

    We have hardware, software and firmware engineer, and  a dedicated after-sales technical service team.

  • Quality control
    Quality control

    All the machine will aging 72-hour after finish assamble, and we have engineer tracking.

  • Good service
    Good service

    We have dedicated sales personnel, engineer support, and an after-sales service team.

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